Candidate 2

Q & A Candidate 2


As president of the league:


1.      Would you be looking to appoint your own set of Directors or work with the existing set of directors?

a.      I am looking to become President of the league not appoint new directors.

2.      Will you be making changes or improvements to the league handicap system? If so, what are your thoughts?

a.      I believe changing the handicap system from 100 to 80 would make it more enjoyable for the lower handicap guys as they will have some sort of a chance to win matches.

3.      Will you be making any changes or improvements to the league format? If so, what will be changed or improved?

a.      League format is fine the way it is so no I don't see any need for change.

4.      Do you plan on adding any 18 hole events? If so, what would they be?

a.      Adding a 6-6-6 event and a 2 man scramble would be something I would like to add into men's night.

5.      What would be the process for making changes to existing rules and league set-up?

a.      Sitting down with the directors before the start of the season and setting rules and league set up so when the league starts everything is set in stone, everyone will get a copy of the rules so there are no conflicts and confusing with teams half way through the season.

6.      Will there be a domestic beer special after every Men's night?

a.      I would work with the club to have drink and food specials after the round so guys can stick around and socialize and get to know other members of the league.

Proposal from Candidate 2

Hello executive team of Goose Hummock, 

I’m looking to take the position of President for the men’s League.  This was my first year being a member of the league and there were aspects that I found good and some I found quite strange for a men’s league. 

When I joined the leagued, I hoped it would be a social event where I would be able to meet other guys who were passionate about the game like I am. I found that there was nothing extra that came along with playing the league, you show up played your match or play with your team and left.  There was nothing afterwards that made anyone want to stick around and talk and get to know each other. 

If I become president I would make it a social event, I would have 50/50 each night, I would work with local golf stores to get door prizes as well each night that you had to be there to win. Having these extras would then allow guys to stay after their round and buy some food, some drinks and socialize with other members, not to mention put some money back into the club that we all enjoy playing. Talking to many members there are many that wish there were some extras that went along with the league and even it costed an extra 5$ a night to maybe win a new putter or wedge guys would be interested in that. 

As far as the structure of the league I think it is set up well and allows all skill levels to have fun. The only thing I might suggest to members would be to ask guys not playing in a match if they would like to be randomly paired with other guys to maybe meet some new faces. My focus as President would be to bring more money in to the club through sales of drinks and food as guys stick around and have a good time after the round and to create a men’s league that is fun and social and attracts new members. I heard that there are 10-15 guys who are not coming back next year because the league is a show up play and leave, how can you grow a men’s league and keep thriving when you lose more members than you gain each year. 

Just because I am the president of the men’s Goose league, it would still be your league and I would welcome any new suggestions or new ideas anyone might have. I found right now any suggestion that was mentioned was never considered. I want to change that and make everyone in the league feel like they have a say because in the end this is your league and we can’t have a league if people keep leaving it. 

The league has potential  to be one of the best leagues in the city with a few changes to help attract new members and to keep the members we have around.


Candidate 2