Candidate 1

Q & A Candidate 1


As president of the league:


1.      Would you be looking to appoint your own set of Directors or work with the existing set of directors?

a.      I would continue to work with the current directors and replace when needed by those interested in being more involved in the men’s league.

2.      Will you be making changes or improvements to the league handicap system? If so, what are your thoughts?

a.      In regards to the handicap system I feel the system being used from golf genius is an accurate system for establishing a handicap for the league. The only other option would be to force all participants to get a golf Canada card and input scores on that system. With that option you would see the registration fee increase $50 as that's the cost of getting a golf Canada card.

3.      Will you be making any changes or improvements to the league format? If so, what will be changed or improved?

a.      I think our format of match play works well for the majority of players in the league I don't anticipate changing the format.

4.      Do you plan on adding any 18 hole events? If so, what would they be?

a.      I don't see any problem adding 18 hole events. We already have 2 during the season without adding extra fees we might be able to add one more.

5.      What would be the process for making changes to existing rules and league set-up?

a.      If rules are needed to be changed I believe we would look at the change and the executive would vote on the rule change in order to make adjustments.  I don't think any changes need to be made to the league set up.

6.      Will there be a domestic beer special after every Men's night?

a.      I would like to have a drink special each league night but unfortunately that's up to the golf course. We can approach the golf course and see what they are willing to do but ultimately it will be up to the course.

Proposal from Candidate 1

Dear executive,

I hope this letter finds you in good health and high spirits. I am writing to express my thoughts and concerns regarding the potential changes that have been proposed for the men's league. As an avid supporter of maintaining the status quo, I firmly believe that the men's league should continue in its current form. Allow me to present my arguments for why it is important to preserve this tradition.

First and foremost, the men's league, as it stands today, has a rich history and has been a vital part of our community for many years. It has provided men of all ages and backgrounds with a platform to come together, form bonds, and engage in friendly competition. The sense of camaraderie and belonging that is fostered within the league is invaluable. Changing the league structure would not only disrupt this long-standing tradition but also risk diminishing the strong community ties that have been established over time.

Furthermore, the men's league serves as a space for personal growth and development. It offers individuals the opportunity to challenge themselves physically and mentally, pushing their limits and striving for improvement. By maintaining the league's current format, we ensure that men can continue to benefit from the sense of achievement and self-improvement that comes from participating in organized sports.

Another essential aspect of the men's league is the positive influence it has on mental and emotional well-being. In a world where stress and pressure are ever-present, the league provides a much-needed outlet for men to unwind, relieve tension, and escape the demands of everyday life. The league fosters a sense of balance and promotes overall well-being, which is particularly important given the increasing focus on mental health in recent years.

Moreover, the men's league has always been characterized by a specific set of rules, guidelines, and expectations. These rules are not designed to exclude or discriminate against any particular group but rather to create a level playing field where participants can compete fairly. Making significant changes to the league structure could inadvertently disrupt this delicate balance and potentially lead to unintended consequences, such as unfair advantages or disadvantages for certain individuals or teams.

Lastly, maintaining the men's league in its current form encourages healthy competition and sets an example for younger generations. It serves as a platform for men to demonstrate sportsmanship, discipline, and teamwork. By preserving the league as it is, we can continue to instill these essential values in future generations, fostering a sense of character and integrity that will benefit our community as a whole.

In conclusion, I firmly believe that the men's league should stay the same. Its rich history, sense of community, personal growth opportunities, positive impact on mental well-being, adherence to fair play, and role in shaping character make it an essential institution that should be preserved. While change can be beneficial in certain circumstances, it is vital to recognize the value and significance of the existing men's league. Let us continue to cherish and nurture this tradition for the benefit of all those who participate and for the well-being of our community.

Thank you for considering my perspective. I trust that you will carefully weigh the arguments presented and make a decision that upholds the integrity and importance of the men's league.

Yours sincerely,

Candidate 1