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Dick Bjalek

Terry Lemoignan

The intent of the League is to provide an experience for our members that will promote camaraderie, and a friendly atmosphere while maintaining a competitive level of amateur golf. At this level of play golf is still a game; it should be fun and be played within the spirit of the game while upholding the traditions and integrity of golf. The League tries to provide the highest quality and standards possible for all the events, activities and benefits offered to the members.

Divisional Round Robin Play



Create your own team or enter the League as an individual and we will place you on a team.

Team can be made up of 2 – 6 players.

Only 2 players will play in the team match each week.

It is up to the Team Captain to designate which players will play in the match each week.
There will be 3 Rounds played with 3 Divisions of 5 – 6 Teams per Division.

A Round Robin will be played within each Division in each Round.

Teams will be seeded by a random draw in the 1st Round and then by point standings in the 2nd and 3rd Rounds.

Winners of each Division in each Round will receive prizes at the end of the season for winning that Round.

Points from each round will go towards the Aggregate Point Standings and the team with the most points will be declared the League Team Champion and will receive prizes and trophies.


Handicaps are based only on your Men’s League Night Scores and are calculated using a modification of the Golf Canada Handicap System Rules. e.g.: Handicap can be based on a single score, low and high score may not be included in calculation.
*Note: These handicaps are not considered an official Golf Canada Handicap because they are based solely on Men’s League Night Scores.  If you require an official Golf Canada Handicap, please contact the Resort Pro Shop or Handicap Chairman.

Team Matches Scoring

Use handicaps to determine the Net Score per Hole and Score as a Match.

TEAM A:  PLAYER 1: Hole # 1: 4 Net 4

    PLAYER 2: Hole # 1: 6 Net 4


TEAM B:  PLAYER 1B: Hole # 1: 5 Net 4

    PLAYER 2B: Hole # 1: 5 Net 4                                      

Both Teams score a Net 3 so the hole is Halved.

Winners of the next hole will score as +1 (1 Up).
Losers of the next hole will score as -1 (1 Down).

There are no Carry-Overs.

Here are is an example of how your score card should look when you turn it in.

Team B wins the Match 3 up after 9 holes.

Match Point Values



Spares & Defaulted Matches

If only one Player on a Team is available to play the Match can still be played.

The Team that is short a man can compete on his own and only his one net score will count.

Or the Team that is short can pick-up a Spare from any Team in the League that is not playing in another Match. Guests can compete in the team matches but will have to use a 0 handicap.

If no Players from a Team can play in the Match that team will default the Match and will receive zero points for that Match.

If both Teams are not able to play then both teams will default the Match and both Teams will receive zero points for the Match.
There are no Make-Up Matches permitted.

Teams arriving late for a Match

In the rare event that Teams that are scheduled to play each other in a Match but cannot play each other head-to-head (e.g.: A team is late for the shotgun start due to a work or family related issue.) scorecards can be matched after the round is completed to determine the winner of the Match but only if both Teams agree.

Special League Rules

Our league abides by all the rules of golf as laid out in the Etiquette and Rules of Golf as approved by Golf Canada.


We have two League Rules that are in conflict with the Rules of Golf and they are the infamous “OB & Bush Rule” and “Play Ready Golf” rules.

  1. All League Members are permitted to play all Out of Bounds and Bush areas as “lateral water hazards” and under  penalty of  1 stroke may remove their ball from the these areas and drop the ball within two club lengths at the point of entry. See FAQ’s for more information.
  2. We encourage all of our League Members to play “Ready Golf”. It does not matter if you are closer to the hole than your playing partners, if you are ready to play but they are not, go ahead and shoot as long as it is safe to do so.