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How much does it cost to play in the League?

2016 Rates are as follows:


League Dues: ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….$160

All league fees go towards prizes throughout the season.

Prepaid League Green Fee Pass + Power Cart: …………………………………………………………….$320++  

Includes: Men’s Night 9-hole Green Fees, Power Cart & Driving Range.

($250 + $70 = $320 ÷ 15 = $21.33 / Night)


Prepaid League Green Fee Pass (Walking): ………………………………………………………………………$250++

Includes: Men’s Night 9-hole Green Fees & Driving Range.


Prepaid Wednesday Only Unlimited All Day League Members Pass: ………………$400
Play as many holes as you want all day Wednesday

Pay & Play League 9 Hole Green Fee: ………………………………………………….………………………………$30

Includes: 9 Hole Green Fee, Power Cart & Driving Range.

Pay & Play League 18 Hole Green Fee: …………………………………………………………………………………$45

Includes: 18 Hole Green Fee, Power Cart & Driving Range.

Full & Weekday & Power Cart Pass-Holders do not pay Green Fees or Power Cart Fees on Men’s Night.

How are my League Fees used?

A small amount goes to the League Administration. We maintain a website www.ghmensleague.com and usually snail-mail a newsletter to all our members each spring. The website hosting and domain fees are about $50 per year and postage is about $100. We occasionally purchase printer toner, paper and other sundries at a cost of about $100 per year. This is a total of less than $250 per year out of a total of approximately $12,000 in fees collected.

The remaining amount goes towards prizes throughout the season and trophies at the end of the season.

In the past part of your fee ($20) was for your Golf Canada Membership & Handicap but as of 2013 the Goose Hummock Men’s Golf League will not be participating in this program. See below for more information.

The League use to financially support the Goose Hummock Golf Resort Edmonton Interclub Team. The Resort agreed to pay the EGA fees and donate the rounds of golf for the Team and Visiting Team.  The Men’s League had agreed to pay for Team Shirts, Steak Dinners and Beer under the condition that there would be a qualifying tournament each spring to determine the team. About $300 of the $1,000 Interclub Team costs was recouped from the fees charged for the Qualifying Tournament. As of the 2012 season and at the bequest of the competitive golfers in the League the Resort took over the entire cost of the Team and had the Resort Pro Shop organize the event and the qualifying tournament.

Also, in the past The League subsidize the Canadian/International Pairs Championship. The Resort was charged a fee of $2,500 to be a Host Course for this event. The Resort would then charge $100 per pair to qualify which meant they needed at least 25 or more teams to enter the qualifying to recoup their cost. If the Men’s League could not get the minimum amount of teams to enter then the League was obligated to make up the difference. See below for more information. In 2012 the Resort Pro Shop took over the event the League Members were not permitted to use their Men’s League Handicaps for the qualifying event. As a result only 12 teams attempted to qualify.

With the Resort taking over some of these events and with the financial help from our generous League Sponsors we will now be able to offer our members more, bigger and better prizes.

How are League Prizes awarded?

There are several ways for players to win prizes. There will be some prizes awarded each Men’s Night but the majority will be awarded at the end of the season and based on an Order of Merit. There will be Weekly Hole Prizes, Team Match Play Prizes and Order of Merit Prizes. Continue reading the FAQ’s for more details.

What are Hidden Partner Games & Prizes?

Each week, 2 to 4 Player Teams are randomly picked and balanced by handicaps with the Tournament Manager Computer Program used to build the teams and calculate the winners. The program ensures that all teams have a similar total handicap consisting of a mix of low and high handicaps.

This year prizes will not be given out at the end of the evening as in the past. Win, Place & Show teams will be awarded points and an “Order of Merit” System will be used to calculate the results and prizes will be given out at the end of the Season. See Order of Merit FAQ below for more information.

The following games will be played:
3 Net Best Ball

Blind Coloured Net Ball
AC & BD Net Best Ball

123 Waltz

1 Low Gross & 2 Low Net Ball

Detailed descriptions of the games are posted on the website www.ghmensleague.com and a poster is placed on the registration table each night.

What are Men’s Night Hole Prizes?

There will be a variety of Men’s Night Hole Prizes given out each week ranging from “Closest-to-the Hole” to “Closest to the Line”. The prizes will range from a sleeve of golf balls to prizes donated by hole sponsors and will be awarded at the end of the evening.

What is the Order of Merit?

The “Order of Merit” is a point system in which our members accumulate points throughout the season and will be rewarded at the end of the season with prizes based on their placing. Each week there are points tied to all the Hidden Partner Games and Hole Prizes as follows:

Hidden Partner Games
1st Place  100 pts

2nd Place  75 pts

3rd Place  50 pts

Hole Prizes 30 pts

Participation 30 pts

Major Events Point Values are doubled.

Unsportsmanlike conduct will cause players to loose points depending of the severity of the offence.


For every Men’s Night you come out to play you earn 30 points.

 This is to encourage members to come out each and every week. It is to your benefit to play each week.

If you win a Hole Prize you receive a prize that night plus 30 points.

If you are on a Hidden Partner Game Team that finishes in 1st Place that week you and your partners each will be awarded 100 points.

At the end of the season on Awards Night the prises will be awarded by the Order of Merit. The player in 1st place will have first pick of all the prizes on the prize table. 2nd Place will get second pick and so on down the list. The prizes at the end of the season could range from a set of golf clubs to a sleeve of balls.

What is unsportsmanlike conduct?

Even though it is a rare occurrence in the League it does happen on occasion. Offences could range from fighting, cheating, cell phones ringing during play, slow play, damaging the course, equipment or property, hitting into the group in front of you, etc. These occurrences are pretty much policed by our members and the incident should be reported to the Head Pro and League Directors the night they occur so they can be resolved immediately. The Head Pro will be responsible for assessing any deductions for unsportsmanlike conduct.

Is it possible to announce before teeing-off who is on each team of the Men’s Night Hidden Partners Game?

Unfortunately it is not possible to announce the teams prior to teeing off because the number and size of the teams cannot be determined until all participants have registered. However, if members could arrive and register a half hour before teeing off it would be possible to announce the teams.

Why do we play the OB’s & Bushes as Lateral Water Hazards?

The short answer is: It speeds up play and makes the game more enjoyable.

In an effort to speed up play the League instituted this minor rules change many years ago. The League has a wide range of players ranging from 6 to 36 handicaps with the majority leaning more towards the higher end. If the League were to play these hazards as they are laid out in the Rules of Golf then some of the Members would be standing on the tee driving ball after ball into the bushes, Goose Hummock is not an easy course for the average player to play.

Some of our members may not agree with this minor change but the reality is it is only 9 holes a week and if you are a true competitive golfer then you probably play at least three more times a week where you can play by the official rules. For most of our members this may be the only golf they play that week and they want to enjoy it.

Why do we occasionally play from the White Tees?

We may occasionally play from the White Tees because we are part of Golf Canada’s initiative to make the game more enjoyable for the average golfer. Golf Canada recently started to promote their Tee It Forward program. It has been proven that the number one reason for slow play for the average golfer is that they are playing from the wrong tees and playing courses that are too long for their abilities. Our average member drives the ball less than 225 yards and testing has shown that players of this ability should be playing course of 6000 yards or less; Goose Hummock is 5700 yards from the White Tees. We began playing the White Tees in the 2012 and found that the average time it took to play nine holes on Men’s League Night  went from 3+ hours to 2 ¼ hours.

We do realize that some of our members do hit the ball pretty far and may need to wait on some of the shorter holes as they may be tempted to try to drive the green. However the smart players will lay-up as they know that the odds of driving the green are not good and the smart play is the lay-up.

We will be making an effort to move the tee boxes around so that there is some variety, so always make sure to check the usually blue and gold and red teeing areas as you may find a white box on one of them on any given Men’s League Night.

Do the League Directors get paid by the League or Resort?

No. These are strictly volunteered positions.

Do the League Directors get any compensation from the League or Resort?

None is expected. The Directors have always paid their League Dues just as everyone else does.

The Resort in gratitude for promoting the course and all the work the Directors do have in the past been offered compensation. Compensation to the Directors has ranged from, Full Season Passes, Men’s League Green Fees & Power Carts. The Resort has opted not to compensate the Directors in 2016.

Are there any Directors Positions unfilled at this time?

The League is always looking for members to join the board as a Director. There are no special requirements or qualifications, just the desire to volunteer their skills and time from 1 hour to 10 hours per week, it is up to the individual to decide how much time the can afford. The busiest time of the year for the Directors is the first 4 weeks of the season when a lot of the time is spent collecting fees, registering members, organizing teams and explaining to new members how the league works. After the first month things calm down and the League pretty much runs itself with the Directors giving it nudges here and there and they begin focusing on the League’s Major Events.

Why is the League no longer participating in the Golf Canada Handicap Program?

For the most part, most of our League Members are recreational golfers who rarely enter events that require an official Golf Canada Handicap. In 2012 the League paid for 80 handicap cards at $20 per card but less than 20 members requested their card to be activated. GH Golf Resort is still a member of Golf Canada and still offers anyone who needs a handicap that service. If a Men’s League Member requires an official Golf Canada Handicap they can request the Resort Head Pro or Handicap Chairman to enter them into the system and pay the fees associated with the program. Members can also enter the Public Program that Golf Canada offers to the general public, you can find out more by going to their website www.golfcanada.ca.

Are you looking for more League & Hole Sponsors?

Yes, we are always looking for League & Hole Sponsors. In the past many members have donated prizes and money and we are grateful for their generosity. The Resort Head Pro is actively speaking to his community contacts looking for a variety of sponsors to donate prizes related to their businesses such as restaurants donating meals as prizes, oil changes from oil change companies, etc.

If you wish to become a League, Hole or Nightly Sponsor contact the Resort Head Pro as he has a variety of options available from one night hole sponsorship to Major Event Night sponsorship to season long sponsorships.

Why are we no longer a Host Course for the Canadian Pairs Qualifying?

There is a $2,500 fee that the Resort must pay in order to be a Host Course. The Resort choose not to pay this fee this year as there were only 12 teams that attempted to qualify in 2012. The low support of this once popular event was due in part to the fact that the Resort Pro Shop took over the event in 2012 and refused to permit our Men’s League Members to user their Men’s League Handicaps. The Resort Pro Shop insisted that every participant was required to have a valid Golf Canada Handicap in order to make it fair for those Non-Men’s League Members who wished to participate.

However, do not give up hope in its return. The Directors have spoken to the organizers of the Canadian Pairs and have been informed that there are other ways to enter into the event. If two individuals would like to pay the $2,500 fee they can enter the event on behalf of Goose Hummock Men’s Golf League. Or the League can pay the $2,500 fee and have its own qualifying tournament on a Men’s League Night and send the winning team to the Canadian Pairs Finals in Comox, BC. According to the Canadian Pairs Organizers handicapping should not be an issue at the club level as their rules clearly state that any method of qualification at the club level is acceptable as long as the winning team participants can establish and official Golf Canada Handicap prior to arriving in Comox for the Canadian Pairs Final. Click this link for more information: http://canadianpairs.ca/